Wireless Presentation & Conferencing

Wireless Presentation & Conferencing

Eliminate the complexity and unleash your media with our newest wireless technologies

Solutions that makes sharing and presenting in meetings easier

  • INSTANT COLLABORATION: Tap and share your screen in seconds
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Plug & play with no IT set-up. No apps, special networks, adaptors/cables are required
  • ENTERPRISE-GRADE SECURITY: AES 128-bit encryption & WPA2 authentication keeps your network and presentations secure from wireless snooping and recording
  • OPTIMIZED WIRELESS VIDEO PLAYBACK: Show high-quality videos in presentations without affecting network bandwidth

Wireless Presentation & Conferencing
  • Full BYOD support.
  • Remote collaboration with Button or Desktop App.
  • Works with your device, conferencing platform & a wide range of AV peripherals.
  • Full interactivity.
  • Enhanced security, connected and cloud managed.

With any laptop or mobile device, users can view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously. The solution can show up to four screens on the main display. From any laptop or mobile device, students, teachers or any in−room meeting participant can view the main display, edit documents together in real time, share any size file, turn the main display into a digital whiteboard, and more. The solution features iOS mirroring via Airplay™, Windows & Android mirroring via Miracast™, as well as Chromebook mirroring.

Wireless Presentation & Conferencing


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  • Banks
  • Education Sectors
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Cooperates Meeting Rooms

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