VR for Road Safety

VR for Road Safety

The potential VR benefits are not restricted to the road safety field

The scenarios are based on real life situations, or are reconstructions of real accidents.

VR seems to address issues related to traditional simulators and smartphones simultaneously. For example, it may offer an immersive 3D experience at a low cost. At the same time, it can deliver similar benefits to a smartphone, such as providing driving cues, while there is no evidence of distracting the user

VR for Road Safety
  • Immersive
  • Effective
  • Hyper-realistic experiences
  • Practice safe driving
  • No harmful Risks
  • Increasingly available

Virtual reality offers unique, engaging and fun ways to train in a safe, but realistic environment. It offers tangible benefits for individual learners, streamlining workflows through teams training together and contributing to a safer and more productive workplace. VR in road safety can be considered such technology which is becoming increasingly available. Thus, understanding its current potential to improve road safety was due for an in-depth trainings.

VR for Road Safety


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  • Oil & Gas
  • Hospitals
  • Law Enforcement
  • Aviation's

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