VR for Industrial Training

VR for Industrial Training

The Power of Virtual learning

Virtual reality and it’s uses in training are far from a gimmick

Having a highly skilled workforce is what every company strives to achieve. Not only does the operations of the business grow to be more productive has been used in training for decades however it wasn’t until the growth of consumer headsets such as Focus 3, Vive Pro  that the medium really took off, Training in VR is groundbreaking in that there are virtually unlimited possibilities which can be simulated and interacted with.

VR for Industrial Training
  • Accelerate speed to proficiency
  • Reduce onboarding time
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Decrease incident costs
  • Eliminate training interruptions
  • benefits companies

virtual Training Environment is a powerful 3D virtual training application, based on digital twin, dedicated to field operators of industrial plants, machinery, and equipment. Solution is designed to increase safety and help personnel become more productive and proactive while delivering greater value to operations and help maximize return on investment.

VR for Industrial Training


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  • Logistics.
  • Development and services planning.
  • HSE
  • Dimensions measurements.
  • New employee touring.
  • Fire department emergency operation planning.

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